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Gabesy Baby Carrier ergonomski ruksak-ručke za nošenje omogućuju Hipseat za novorođenčad i sprječavanje o-tipa stopala baby sling Kangaroos

Gabesy Baby Carrier ergonomski ruksak-ručke za nošenje omogućuju Hipseat za novorođenčad i sprječavanje o-tipa stopala baby sling Kangaroos


    kn164.53 kn342.79
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SKU: i111

Tagovi: dječja odjeća nogometnog kluba Liverpool", vodila dječja stolica, kuhinja priloge, строповая omot, klokan E, ergonomski radni stol, ručke za nošenje omogućuju za kućne ljubimce ruksak putovanja, ruksak-ručke za nošenje omogućuju, dijete za klokane, bruce.


  • Nosivost: 20 kg
  • Vrsta: Ruksaci I Nošenje
  • Materijal: Pamuk
  • Podrijetlo: CN(porijeklo)
  • Vrsta Uzorka: Solidan
  • Prijevoz: ergonomski dječja kolica
  • Ruksak: Dječje Ručke Za Nošenje Omogućuju
  • dječji sling: mladunče klokana
  • Sling za novorođenčad: auto presvlake
  • Raspon Dobi: 4-6 mjeseci
  • Broj Modela: 1602a
  • Tip Medija: Horizontalni
  • Naprtnjače: эргорюкзаки i priveznice
  • ženski ruksak: Stolica za bebe



Great product, all according to the description, easy up supposes, Baby has very conveniently, fast delivery, recommend

Fchiva 1


Very good quality. Convenient modification. You can as a kangaroo and as a sling. Everything is adjustable. Everything is thoughtful. Ergonomic. Definitely worth even more than it is. My son only feels comfortable in sling for a month and falls asleep well. Because of the hard frame, I do not worry about his spine. But at the same time, the upholstery is pleasant and soft. The hip support is very light but quite elastic and is ideal for sitting. I recommend definitely.



Delivery to Naberezhnye Chelny in 17 days. It looks exactly like in the photo. Sewn well, nothing sticks out. Only where the pocket in front of the Velcro is sewn only one, and where it is not sewn (I attach the photo). In other reviews I read that at the lying position, the back is supported by some kind of insert rigid, but that's not really true. Although it does not affect the position of the child, it lies quite smoothly and without it. There are no instructions for the product, so all the positions and methods of socks should be searched on the Internet, you won't know what's what. In general, the goods are satisfied, the quality is good. I think it is necessary to maintain and use with pleasure.



The Kaif thing in the store is about 4 K. I'm sooo pretty. Multi-function. The seller answers quickly. There is a rigid plate, it keeps well. In the hipster is also a very cool insert, it is pulled out and can be used as a handbag. The child is convenient. I think you can also plant in the kombez. For the summer there is a ventilation pocket. In general, I recommend very much.



Very upset. It came with a hole, in the most prominent place. Looks like a cut. Opened the dispute, returned the money partially.

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